BigBox Lighting

Reduce your facility lighting costs, now.


Immediate SavingsZero Upfront Costs


The Zero Upfront Cost Lighting Upgrade


With BigBox, the exclusive Lighting-as-a-Service (LaaS) partner of Foreverlamp, upgrading your old metal halide and high-pressure sodium lighting requires ZERO upfront costs and starts by simply changing a light bulb. We provide the equipment, installation and ongoing maintenance and leave our customers with better lighting, immediate savings and an instant sustainability plan.

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Better Lighting

The verdict is in, metal halide & high-pressure sodium lamps are inefficient and ineffective when compared to the Foreverlamp LED. Better lighting improves facility safety, enhances employee productivity, reduces errors and helps boost sales.



Immediate Savings

Energy Savings without the hassle. Our customers receive all the benefits of a high efficiency LED system without the CapEx investment. The energy savings generated by the upgrade not only covers the monthly payment but also keeps our customers cash flow positive every month. Every day you continue to use metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamps is another day you are losing money.


Instant Sustainability Plan

Harvard Business School researchers found that high-sustainability companies significantly outperformed other companies in terms of stock market performance and other financial performance measures.
— "Investing for a Sustainable Future" HBS, May 2016

A 250,000 square foot facility using 400W metal halide lamps uses nearly 1,000,000 kWh of electricity each year, just for the lights! By upgrading to the Foreverlamp, your facility will prevent over 350 metric tons of CO2 from entering our environment. That's the equivalent of:


...That's a lot of CO2!