BigBox Lighting

The Future of Smart, Efficient Buildings

The BigBox mission is simple - to help owners and operators of high bay facilities convert their HID lighting to the Foreverlamp LED.  Our Lighting as-a-Service (LaaS) platform, an off balance sheet subscription model for your core lighting systems, provides customers with all the benefits of and LED upgrade, including better lighting and immediate savings, with ZERO upfront costs. 

BigBox Lighting's innovative solution is powered by our partnership with Foreverlamp, a commercial & industrial LED lighting company founded in 2010 by Peter S. Shen, former president of Philips Lighting and Electronics Group. Foreverlamp designs, engineers and manufactures LED lamps and fixtures specifically for replacing HID high bay lighting. 

By offering creative and attractive LED lamps and fixtures of outstanding quality at affordable pricing, Foreverlamp has become the leader in the market for converting old-fashioned HID lighting - from 400W to 1000W - with lighting output up to 75,000 lumens. The transition towards LED products is a historic opportunity in the lighting industry which will contribute to a significant environmental improvement. With beautifully designed and reliable products, Foreverlamp offers long lasting, energy-saving lighting solutions that stand the test of time.