The Future of Smart, Efficient Buildings

BigBox Lighting, founded by Dennis Smith and Matthew Zullo, is an energy services company. Our mission is simple - to help owners and operators of "high bay” facilities in a simple way - by changing their lighting.  

How simple is it?  In many cases, it is as simple as changing your light bulbs! 

And the reasons to do it are pretty simple as well…  

By letting us change your light bulbs you can:

  • significantly improve your lighting
  • reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by over 50% and
  • start saving money IMMEDIATELY, with NO CASH UPFRONT.

BigBox Lighting's innovative solution is powered by our partnership with Foreverlamp, the world’s leader in LED lamps and fixtures for highbay facilities. Foreverlamp, was founded in 2010 by Peter S. Shen.  Peter and Dennis worked together to build Electronics Ballast Technology, one of the leaders in the shift of the lighting industry to energy saving electronic ballasts.  EBT was sold to Philips and Peter went on to become global president for Philips Lighting and Electronics Group.  

Foreverlamp, the Big Lumen Lighting Company™, specializes in Big Lumen™ plug-n-play technology and products that are designed to specifically replace HID high bay lighting. Foreverlamp has quickly become a leader in the LED retrofit and high-bay luminaire market and is the first lighting company to offer a plug and play lamp options of 17,000 through 28,500 lumens as a replacement for a 400w metal halide or high pressure sodium HID bulbs and the first company to offer a 45,000 and 52,000 lumen LED lamps as a replacement for 1000W metal halide lamps.