Delivering up to 75,000 , "instant-on" lumens using 50% LESS power than metal halide lighting, Foreverlamp's 1000W solutions are a true breakthrough in lighting technology for aerospace applications. 


Existing metal halide high bay lamps and fixtures in most aviation facilities:

  • Use up to 1,150W per operating hour
  • Lack dimming and occupancy sensor capabilities given their long start-up and re-strike times
  • Operate at extremely high temperatures causing rapid lumen depreciation - over 50% lumen loss after just half of their lifespan
  • Require replacement every 18-24 months - an expensive process given hangar ceiling heights


Upgrade to the Foreverlamp LED and:

  • Instantly reduce electricity usage and operating costs by 50% to 65% compared with traditional HID lighting 
  • Transform your facility with high quality light (>82 CRI compared with >65 CRI for metal halides) and continuous (limited depreciation) lumen output
  • Save additional costs and improve safety with robust wireless controls including dimming and occupancy sensors
  • Reduce facility heat load
  • Eliminate maintenance with a lifespan over 100,000 hours (HB5 fixture) and over 60,000 hours for replacement lamps. 

Our experts can help you upgrade with the simple change to Foreverlamp's plug-and-play lamps utilizing your existing ballasts/fixtures. Or, we can replace your current fixture with Foreverlamp's new, fully-integrated fixture, delivering the highest output LED solution on the market for aerospace applications. 

Plug-and-Play LED Lamp

  • Work on existing 400W, 750W and 1000W magnetically ballasted HID high bay lights – no re-wiring required!
  • Ideal for ceiling heights between 35 ft. and 50 ft.
  • Plug and play LED bulbs options for 1000W metal halide replacement include: 52,000 lumens/460 watts and 45,000 lumens/380 watts.
  • Multiple lumen packages available for plug and play bulbs to replace 400W metal halide and high pressure sodium.
  • No start up delay – Instant On
  • 60,000 hour lamp life
  • Work with occupancy sensors for on/off control
  • Maintenance free
  • 30% improvement in CRI 
  • Energy savings – 50%
  • 5-year warranty

LED High Bay Fixtures

  • New fixture options include 75,000 lumen for 1000W replacement
  • 30,000 through 20,000 lumen options for 400W replacement
  • Fixtures are controllable with 0-10V wired or wireless options.
  • Highly efficient with models exceeding 140 lm/W
  • Many models DLC luminaire category approved
  • L70 rating up to 100,000 hours on specific models
  • Easy installation at 1/2 the weight of the competition
  • Energy savings - over 50%
  • 10-year warranty

Aerospace Specialists

Glenn Howski
Sales Director

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Sales Director