Convention Centers

Reduce costs and make your exhibitors happy with better lighting.

Convention centers have a myriad of lighting applications that can be improved with better light quality and maintenance and energy savings. Typical convention center recessed high bays or pendant high bays can be easily upgraded to Foreverlamp plug and play LED replacement bulbs that will vastly improve light quality and well as energy efficiency. Most installations will recover the initial investment in less than 9 months through energy efficiency and cost savings while at the same time vastly improving the light quality.

  • Many lumen packages available for different fixtures and mounting heights.
  • Instant on/off with existing magnetic ballasts
  • Virtually no lumen depreciation over 60,000 hours of use
  • Foreverlamp provides solutions from 1000W to 175W plug and play LED lamps.
  • Energy savings in excess of 50% per fixtures can lead to paybacks of 6 months or less.
Photo by beer5020/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by beer5020/iStock / Getty Images