NNN Leases

An LED lighting solution designed for the triple net lease market.

Tenant Benefits

  • Better lighting!
  • Zero upfront cost contract tailored to existing lease term 
  • Immediate reduction in energy costs
  • Positive cash flow from day one
  • Significant reduction in HVAC expenses
  • Zero maintenance - 50,000+ hour lifespan with a 5-year warranty
  • Immediate sustainability plan

Owner Benefits

  • Zero costs
  • More competitive space
  • 50,000+ hour lamp lifespan with a 5-year warranty
  • Immediate sustainability plan

A powerful leasing tool for vacant space.

Property owners can quickly reduce lease-up time by working with BigBox Lighting. When vacancies occur,  BigBox will re-lamp a portion of the space with the Foreverlamp LED at no charge. Touring tenants will immediately experience the powerful contrast between old metal halides and the latest in LED lighting. The extraordinary quality of the lighting, coupled with the dramatic reduction in energy costs, HVAC load, and maintenance costs, will greatly enhance the competitive advantages of the space and stand out in the market. 

As soon as a new lease is signed BigBox will re-lamp the entire space before the new tenant takes occupancy. The monthly lighting service fee can be included in the rental rate and payments to BigBox only begin when the space is occupied.