Save energy and boost sales. 

The flexibility of the Foreverlamp platform provides a replacement solution for almost every high bay retail lighting configuration.

Every retailer understands the critical importance of lighting. Continuing to use old metal halide lamps is not only wasting energy but also inhibiting sales. The superior Color Rendering Index (CRI) of the Foreverlamp LED allows customers to clearly see products and labels and dramatically improves the shopping experience. Happy customers and perfectly lit products translates to more sales which is why, after extensive in-store testing, one of the largest, big-box retailers in the world is now installing the Foreverlamp in dozens of locations across the country and in the UK. 

  • CRI > 90 and provides a dramatic improvement in light (up to 50%) over standard HID illumination.
  • New LED bay lights create a bright crisp merchandising space which is motivating to work and shop in.
  • Easy to install plug and play LED lamps compatible with existing HID ballasts from 175W through 400W
  • Variety of lumen packages available up to 27,000 lumens for extra-high warehouse ceilings
  • Up-light option available which greatly increases aesthetics and overall lighting performance.
Photo by Dmitrijs Dmitrijevs/Hemera / Getty Images